Tips for Office Relocation in Melbourne

Moving an office is not a simple task, even when you have decided to hire a professional office removal company in Melbourne. There are several other aspects that needs to be planned and executed like a professional. Breaking down the whole process into simple steps and executing them individually is always a professional way of relocating your office. Always keep in mind that you can never handover the responsibility of the whole process to a office moving service.

Plan your office relocation as early as possible.

Never wait for the lease expiration date or month to plan your office relocation process. It would be wise to start planning at least six months prior to the lease expiration date. To begin with, you can make an office relocation check-list that will highlight all the accessories in your office that you want to move. For instance, take a list of all the chairs, number of desks and other accessories. This is vital for you to get a quick quote from removalist company Melbourne when you approach them.

Choose the right office removalists.

Choosing the right office removalist in Melbourne is always a daunting task. This is where you need to put up a second checklist which highlights the Melbourne office removalist companies. Try to pick them based on some online and personal reviews. As the next step, you can get a quote for relocating your office with the checklist that you populated initially. It is always better if you could pay a visit to their office to get this quote. Such an act will provide you with the provision of getting a personal and detailed view of their office to verify their credibility or professionalism. Once you choose a company, check their availability for the desired date and if you approach them at least a month before the moving date, you could book them without any hassle.

Engage with the office removalists.

Office relocation can always be a tedious and time consuming task. Make it a point to be present on site during the moving date so that you can give them a clear picture of what you have in mind when moving specific items and accessories. Do not hesitate to guide your movers to where you want specific furnishings, such as board and meeting rooms and managers offices.
Working with a professional office removalist Melbourne can help you to get the task done without much undertaking and tension.

Remember to consult with any companies you may be leasing large office equipment from, such as commercial photocopiers. It may be in their contract to provide their own staff to relocate these items on your behalf. Also be sure to get your staff involved with packing. Much like packing your home, your staff should pack their own cubicles, making sure to label boxes and computers etc with their names.

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