How to pack when moving house

Just the thought of packing and moving house is enough to send even the most sane of us totally bonkers! Many of us make the big mistake of getting some large boxes and filling them to the top and leaving them so heavy we can't lift them. You don't want any physical injury while lifting boxes and you don't want any broken items if your box is over packed, or if the bottom bursts open sending the contents crashing to the ground. So here are some tips on how to pack efficiently.

Start packing a good few weeks before you move. Start with things you don't use often. Small kitchen appliances, books, DVD collections, vases, paintings etc. Take this opportunity to de-clutter your home.

Use a decent packing tape. Most packs will come with a tape dispenser, which makes taping up your boxes easier and faster. You can always find one at your local stationary store.

Don't use boxes that are too large, this will promote over packing, which makes boxes too heavy.

Be aware of the weight of items you are packing, are they smaller but heavier items such as vases, glassware or dinnerware. It's better to spread these types of items over a few boxes and then fill with lighter items such as kitchen towels and cloths.

Books are another smaller item that will quickly add up in weight.

Pack heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter items on top, this will help prevent the heavier items from squashing or breaking things underneath it.

Avoid using newspaper as there is a chance the ink could rub off on what ever it's wrapped in. Use butchers or packing paper, or tissue. Use screwed up news paper to fill in gaps in boxes, it can help cushion things from banging around whilst being moved.

Don't forget to label your boxes after you have packed it. If you have purchased speciality packing boxes and wish to keep them, it's a good idea to write on the tape and not the box so you don't have different labels or crossed out words which could cause confusion.

We hope these packing tips come in handy for your next move. And good luck.

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