10 ways to choose the right removal company

How to choose the right removal company

Moving house can be mayhem. To prevent the mayhem a few months of planning can save you money, time and stress. One of the inevitable aspects that should top your house relocation checklist is choosing the right furniture mover within Melbourne. In the present scenario, you can easily find a removal services in Melbourne; however, the task becomes trickier when it comes to finding a reputed house removalist service. Follow the below given pointers to end up with the right removalist Melbourne.

1. Plan your move out on paper
Without planning Kaos is guaranteed. A little planning can stop a lot of tears and sweat later on. Take your time and pick a good furniture mover to make your move quick and easy. Home relocation services can come up with several offers that might seem too good to reject. Always make a list of relocation services in Melbourne prior to choosing the one. You can populate the list via local newspaper, friend references and online directories.

2. Google it
These days, Google or Bing are the way to go. With a few keywords you'll find a wide range of movers in your local area. You can use this option effectively if you invest some time in performing an in-depth search. Look for these pointers on the web for choosing the right relocation services from web.
A well presented professional website: A relocation service that really cares about serving their clients and their needs will have a well managed website with frequently updated social profiles. This literally shows credibility.
Reviews: Check for reviews on the web, there are several websites that offer reviews about such services on the web. Watch for rogue bad reviews these are not always true and the same goes for rogue over the top good reviews.

3. Compare quotes
Collect your quotes and make a short list of your favourites. This is a critical step which will help you to plan your budget effectively. Look closely for any additional fees, travel time fees and additional labor fees etc. Remember a cheaper hourly rate is not always a cheaper overall cost. Also sometimes it is better to hire more movers and a larger truck if you have many large items or have a lot of furniture.

4. Reference check
If possible, perform a background check on the service that you are about to deal with. You may find good reviews on the web, but there is nothing better than personal reviews. See that you talk with some of their previous clients in person prior to finalizing the deal.

5. Check their office
A house relocation service in Melbourne might look established and reputed on the web, but it is your duty to confirm that they are professionals with a well managed office and necessary relocation equipments. So never hesitate to visit their office rather than fixing the deal on the web or via a phone call. Many a bad moving experience starts in the back offices of the removalist company.

6. License and insurance
It is utterly important that you only deal with an insured and licensed relocation service. You can ask them to mail the copy of these documents and verify them prior to making a final decision. Make sure that they are allowed to operate in your locality. Also make sure your insurance will cover you during transit and at your new property before you move not after.

7. Check for extra care for your products
A professional house relocation service will always provide some outstanding service or features. True professionals will have some extraordinary technique to handle your fragile/antiques and most valuable belongings. For instance, Vicmovers.com.au has specialist moving equipment not just the muscle.

8. Check for professionalism
Always look for signs of professionalism among the crew. Staff wearing uniforms with a name badge can suggest that the company is a professional one. You also want great communication between you and your chosen removalist company. Not being able to contact someone or calls not being returned is never a good sign. Seeing things like gmail and hotmail addresses on their website should give you some concern.

9. Get more than one quote

Online quoting facilities are a valuable no obligation way to help estimate your moving costs.
Businesses do not get repeat business by providing poor service so look for removal services that have longer term investment in; Vehicles, marketing, online infrastructure, staff and even easy accessibility such as office street address, emails and phone numbers.

10. Check WOMO.com.au

WOMO is one of Australia's largest customer review websites. Reviews are transparent and verified. If a company has an overwhelming number of positive reviews you can be sure your experience with them will be good.

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